Visualization at the heart of futuristic immersion

Ars Electronica is a cultural institution whose mission has been to explore the implications of modern innovations and technology on art and society. For their new 'Deep Space' hall, they wanted only the best in terms of image quality. As such, Ars Electronica selected no less than eight 3D stereo, native 1080p HD Barco projectors that together create a full 3D room from various projecting angles, on screens measuring 16 by 9 meters. Barco has specifically designed their projectors for heavy-duty 3D work and multi-channel setups. Combined with their custom-built mechanical structures, this renders the system a tight, reliable unit. The 'Deep Space' room immerses visitors in a wide variety of images. They can see previously hidden details, revealed by perspectives that are impossible in the real world. “With Barco's unequaled image quality, system approach and fine attention to detail,” Mr. Stocker concludes, “Ars Electronica is now in an excellent position to keep entertaining and thrilling visitors from all over the world with an immersive visual space for years to come.”

About this project

Date 15 September 2009
Location Linz, Austria

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