Tokyo Women's Medical University

Japan's leading women's hospital embraces Barco display technology

In 1900, Yayoi Yoshioka, an ambitious female doctor who was determined to improve the social position of women, laid the foundation for Tokyo Women's Medical University (TWMU). Today, TWMU is a renowned, state-of-the-art hospital with 1,423 beds and more than ten affiliated institutions, constantly striving to become a leading 'world medical center'. Advanced equipment plays a key role in achieving that mission. So when one of TWMU's medical centers needed a PACS display solution, it turned to Barco.

Confidence and precision
During a visit to the Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology (AOCR) in Seoul, Dr. Ueno, Professor and Chairwoman of TWMU's Radiology Department, visited the Barco booth, where the Coronis Fusion 6MP DL immediately caught her eye. Once home, she invited Toyo Corporation, Barco's distributor in Japan, to get a full introduction and demo of all Barco's medical display solutions.

Dr. Ueno: “Barco's solutions have an impeccable reputation for confidence and precision in the radiology community and the demo convinced me that that claim was justified. I was very impressed by the displays' excellent image qualities.”

Clarity, uniformity and accuracy
To address its wide-ranging imaging needs, the hospital installed a mixture of Coronis 5MP grayscale and Coronis Fusion 6MP DL multimodality display systems, along with industry-standard Nio Color 3MP display systems.

All displays are combined with Barco's MediCal QAWeb solution for Quality Assurance – a unique, online system that includes smart features for intervention-free calibration, QA and display asset management throughout the entire hospital enterprise.

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About this project

Date 22 December 2009
Location Tokyo, Japan
Press release

17 June 2009

Tokyo Women's Medical University Medical Center East selects Barco as sole supplier of medical displays


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