Paris Motor Show - Volkswagen booth & preview night

2010 Paris Motor Show
An impressive showcase for Barco's indoor LED and lighting innovations

Motor shows can make or break the annual sales of a car manufacturer. Carmakers, therefore, pull out all the stops to showcase their brand to best effect at major motor shows like Paris, Frankfurt or Geneva. Audi, Saab, Skoda, Volkswagen, Ford, LandRover, Jaguar: they all relied on Barco technology to stand out from the competition during the Paris Motor Show 2010.

Production manager Martin Kuhn chose the Barco DML-1200 on the preview night of the Volkswagen Group. Creative Technology Germany used Barco's indoor LED solutions (NX-4, NX-6, ILite 6 BK and OLite) at its customers' exhibition booths and during press conferences. So that visitors not only got a sneak peek at the new cars but also admired the LED and lighting solutions that Barco has in store…

About this project

Date 03 October 2010
Location Paris, France

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