Riverside County Regional Medical Center uses Barco exclusively for technology refresh

When Riverside County Regional Medical Center's need for new mammography displays turned into a total technology refresh, the healthcare organization chose Barco to deploy our medical imaging dispays hospital-wide, with a concentration in the surgical suites, emergency department, radiology reading rooms, mammography, and outpatient clinics. “When we realized that we needed to upgrade our entire fleet of medical imaging displays, we knew we wanted to go with Barco as our exclusive supplier – especially after witnessing the absolute clarity and image quality of their mammography displays,” commented Elizabeth Kleiner, PACS System Administrator for RCRMC.

Barco's MediCal QAWeb software was also an important factor in the purchasing decision. RCRMC strongly desired a medical display QA software tool that could automatically conduct quality assurance tasks such as performing diagnostics, routine tests, adjustments and other assessments from a centralized workstation without disrupting physicians during their working day. “MediCal QAWeb is a huge asset to us, reducing the manpower needed to keep our entire medical imaging display installed base running at an optimum level. And, the reports I can produce to monitor utilization, luminance, and DICOM calibration are great – some are even generated automatically and emailed to me,” continued Kleiner.

About this project

Date 17 November 2010
Location Riverside County, California, United States

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