Kowa Private Partner Event 2011

KOWA CO., LTD impresses customers with a hi-tech showcase of Barco products

There's nothing better for a technology provider than a partner event or demo day to showcase its latest and greatest solutions. lasting January last, the Japanese rental and staging firm KOWA impressed, even baffled, visitors with an awesome demonstration of Barco's latest indoor LED solutions, large-screen projectors and lighting products. Eye-catchers were the award-winning NX-4 LED (3D application) and the MiTRIX LED modules, the FLM R22+, FLM HD20 and RLM W8 DLP projectors and High-End Systems' DML1200 digital lights.

“We are committed to delivering the best quality solutions and services. For over 20 years now, Barco has been a trusted partner that helps us achieve those objectives,” said Masao Kadonaga Managing Director of Rental at KOWA.

About this project

Date 20 January 2011
Location Tokyo, Japan

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