5 Views - Technical Training in Audiovisual

From 22 to 24 February, Barco, in a partnership with Arcos Digital Filmes/Fundição Progresso, was part of a social inclusion project called '5 Views – Technical Training in Audivisual', which serves the poor communities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Some of the best artists and technicians of national cinema cooperated as professional teachers. Barco contributed to this social project with three classes about digital cinema projection, taught by Barco training specialist Lucas Crantschaninov.

In addition, Barco provided a DP2K-20C digital cinema projector, 3D glasses and an ACS-2048 alternative content switcher so that the classes could use the film industry's best equipment and technology.

The project brought together students from several communities in the city, like Bonsucesso, Manguinhos, Maré, Complexo do Alemão, Cachambi, Centro, Engenho da Rainha, Engenho Novo, Galeão, Saúde, Providência, Inhaúma, Paciência, Penha, Pilares, Rocinha, Santa Teresa, Praça Mauá and Jacarepaguá.

About this project

Date 22 February 2011
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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