University of Potsdam

Seeing the earth 'for real', thanks to an immersive Barco I-Space

By the time the brand-new 3D lab at the University of Potsdam opened, on 15 June 2011, the lab's agenda was already fully booked. The Center's scientists as well as its industrial partners can't wait to use the highly immersive I-Space – one of the first in Geo Sciences in Germany - to bring their research data to life.

The University embarked upon the 3D lab project in 2009, with the financial support of the Federal Government. Barco set up a 3-sided I-Space that exceeds everyone's expectations in terms of brightness and ease-of-use. “It truly helps us 'see things for real', to better understand the earth on which we live,” summarized Prof. Manfred Strecker, head of the Department.

About this project

Date 16 June 2011
Location , Germany

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