14th World Conference on Lung Cancer

The World Conference on Lung Cancer is one of the largest international gatherings of clinicians and scientists in the lung cancer field. The 14th edition took place from 3 to 7 July in the Amsterdam RAI, the Netherlands. To make sure all 5,000 attendees could follow the presentations with a front-row view, AV company ACS Audiovisual Solutions selected Barco's events projectors. The company used 2 Barco FLM R20+ projectors for the 8 by 6 meter screens, 1 Barco FLM HD20 projector for the 12 by 6.75 meter seamless screen and 2 Barco RLM W8 projectors for the 5 by 3.75 meter screens.
ACS Audiovisual Solutions was particularly impressed by the brightness and crispness of the recently launched RLM W8 projectors.

About this project

Date 03 July 2011
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands

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