TAQA Bratani

Sharing information with one single display

TAQA Bratani is an exploration and production company working in the oil fields of the United Kingdom Continental Shelf. One of its facilities is an Emergency Response Centre (ERC) located in Aberdeen, Scotland, which consists of an incident room, a control room and a relatives' support suite. Oil companies with offshore sites have to be ready for any emergency, which means being able to relay, receive and analyze time-sensitive information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Electrosonic engineered a visual display system that allows multiple sources to be processed and displayed in custom layouts on a large, central projection screen. This system assists the offshore North Sea site and organizes the required external support during such emergencies.

For maximum flexibility, Electrosonic proposed that the most economical and effective solution would be to install a 3.6 x 2 meter front projection screen and image processor. This allows for instant layout changes via software, and ensures the screen is legible and viewable by all participants on the floor.

At the heart of the display system is a Barco RLM-W6 projector, which was selected because it offered sufficient resolution for the application, ample light output for the ambient light conditions and was quiet enough to be installed on a ceiling mount within the space itself. It is fed from a system that consists of a control computer and a Barco XDS-100 image processor. The latter is configured to receive images from any computer carrying the appropriate XDS license.

About this project

Date 07 July 2011
Location Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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