Moving Mountains in Georgia

Animating the world's largest granite face with sophisticated 3D architectural mapping techniques to create a surreal tribute to American history as well as a glimpse of Atlanta's future, Barco is virtually moving mountains, together with veteran entertainment company Full Spectrum. The new and improved "Lasershow Spectacular" at Georgia's famed Stone Mountain relies on six Barco FLM HD20 projectors to create a “virtual skin” on the 825' tall granite outcropping, which is manipulated in countless creative ways: animating the civil war character carvings; simulating rocks blasting out of the surface with flowing volcanic lava; and lifting the virtual horses in flight toward the awe-inspired crowd.

Fed by three Barco High End Systems' (HES) Axon Media Servers and driven by an HES Road Hog Full Boar console, the projectors' intense illumination, convenient lensing and modularity are key factors which enable the creation of the edge-blended 3D video projections that virtually simulate a 5,500-inch HD resolution TV screen.

Stone Mountain is listed in Frommer's 500 Places to Visit with Your Kids Before They Grow Up and cited by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as one of “35 Natural Wonders in Georgia You Must See Before You Die.”

About this project

Date 09 August 2011
Location Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States

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