Yongin Traffic Department

Barco’s OV-715 keeps Yongin traffic operators up to speed

Cutting-edge technology is crucial to help the Traffic Department in the city of Yongin, South Korea, ensure a sound traffic flow and transport safety. In its newly constructed traffic management center, operators capture essential traffic data, process and analyze it and then share it in real time with road users through a wide array of communication tools. The center features 32 Barco OV-715 display modules, in a 8x4 set-up, that form an impressive video wall on which to display information from a multitude of sources.

Barco was selected as a supplier on account of its strong references in traffic management centers. Moreover, it was able to provide assistance as from the early design phase.

With a population of nearly 1 million, Yongin city has recorded the highest population growth of any city in the country. Barco gladly helps operators there keep on top of the ever-changing traffic situation in this bustling city, thus keeping all the mobile inhabitants safe.

About this project

Date 24 October 2011
Location Yongin, Korea Republic of

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