Les Grignoux

Art-house cinema Les Grignoux installs Barco projectors – to secure a bright future

While the transition to digital cinema is a logical step for multiplexes, art-house theaters often find it challenging to face the change. With the availability of 35mm copies shrinking, however, they are going digital as well, and will soon discover the opportunities the digital shift brings…

The 'Les Grignoux' art cinema, for example, which has been providing the inhabitants of Liège (Belgium) with an alternative film program for over 30 years now, recently abandoned its 35mm films. XDCinema/ FTT installed Barco digital cinema projectors in Les Grignoux's eight theaters, which are spread over three cinemas.

About this project

Date 23 November 2011
Location , Belgium
Partner XDCinema/FIT

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