Watermark Community Church inspires with Barco

When Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas, decided to relocate to a new, larger facility to accommodate its growing congregation, it seized upon an opportunity to upgrade and expand its audio visual platform with the latest technologies. With the help of Barco and Clair Brothers, the church built a robust, flexible system featuring today's advanced capabilities in video, audio and lighting.

Clair Brothers' understanding of modern technical worship environments was a critical factor in developing a plan that would fulfill the church's desire to inspire its members with thoughtful media support for its sermons. They selected Barco's video system built around two of its flagship events solutions: FSN presentation system and FLM HD20 DLP projectors.

The FSN presentation system provides an extensive show control upgrade, serving as a key element in expanding the church's audio-visual capabilities to create dynamic scenery, presentation support, and other key graphics and video elements. The FSN also handles video content, computer feeds, and a mixture of HD-SDI sources, including broadcast HD cameras to create both IMAG and blended video presentations.

In addition to video processing and switching improvements, the church also boosted its projection quality with Barco's FLM HD20 DLP event projectors. The scenic projections, previously accomplished with LCD panels at XGA resolution, are now shown at full HD resolution using the FLM HD20s in a double-stack configuration to project artistic imagery on the cyclorama. HD proscenium side wall projection and IMAG screens on both sides complete the panoramic display.

About this project

Date 01 December 2011
Location Dallas, Texas, United States

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