3D Mapping India Gate

Impressive 3D mapping puts Clean India campaign in the spotlight

Situated in the heart of New Delhi, the India Gate is the country’s national war memorial monument. Quite recently, Barco and its distributor Spectrum Audio Vizual set up first-of-its kind 3D projection and video mapping was set up at the monument to kick off the ‘Clean India’ campaign - an initiative of the Ministry of Tourism to improve cleanliness in and around India`s tourist destinations.

The 3D display that left the crowds spellbound depicted the history of India, including the battles fought to protect the country`s sovereignty. The projection asked the public to not to drop litter around nor to scribble on the walls of memorials and monuments and, instead, to lend a helping hand to help preserve India’s national heritage and pride.

Barco’s marvelous showcase of 3D mapping and projection technology with four FLM R-22 projectors once more highlighted Barco`s belief in innovation and creating unique spectactor experiences.

About this project

Date 11 May 2012
Location New Delhi, India
Partner Spectrum Audio Vizual

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