Florence + The Machine

Exciting Barco-powered show helps Florence + The Machine confirm its live reputation

If listening to Florence + The Machine’s music at home is an inspirational experience, listening to it live is spectacular,” said a review of the recent UK tour by Florence + the Machine. In March last, the successful UK indie pop band staged ten shows at the UK’s biggest venues. Barco partner XL Video helped make the video show come true.

While three Barco FLM R22 projectors, rigged on a truss above the audience, fed images to the main set screen, two FLM R22 projectors (flown out to the sides on separate trusses) displayed images on two IMAG side screens. The control system comprised three Catalyst v4 media servers operated via a Hog PC console. The set-up resulted in a stunning visual trip that received rave reviews from the audience.

About this project

Date 15 May 2012
Location London, United Kingdom

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22,000 lumens, SXGA+, 3-chip DLP projector

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