Valencia Traffic Management Center

Barco wall helps Valencia untangle the traffic knot

Ever since the establishment of its Centro de Gestion de Trafico (CGT or traffic management center) in 1972, Valencia has been setting the tone in Spain when it comes to traffic control. The brand-new center that opened in August 2010 was, once again, a fine example of technical ingenuity.

Everyone lauds the center’s ergonomic design and state-of-the-art technology that Barco partner Gesab integrated, including a rear-projection video wall of ten OL-721 70" full HD DLP LED-lit projection modules (OL-721) as the eye-catcher. “This must be the best traffic control room in Spain,” said the Secretary of Infrastructure upon the center’s inauguration.

About this project

Date 21 May 2012
Location Valencia, Spain
Partner Gesab

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