Brad Pitt's "A Night to Make it Right" Fundraiser

Pulling together for a great cause is nothing new for entertainment veterans like Barco, RE:BE Design, and The Solomon Group. They recently partnered to develop a stunning backdrop for Brad Pitt’s “A Night to Make it Right” fundraising gala in New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA), which raised $5 million for the construction of new energy-efficient homes to replace those previously destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Among hundreds of celebrities in attendance, Barco’s FLM HD20 projectors shined brightly to set the stage for a successful night.

"The challenge was to create a set that could work like a TV set, award show and performance stage all in one.  The Gala stage was handled like an award show-type venue, creating a large projection surface in the shape of the traditional NOLA front porch, while mirroring the angular overlapping lines of the newly built 'Make it Right' homes," said Stefan Beese, the Production Designer for the event.

Barco helped bring the abstract stage concept to life with video mapping, which entailed fusing the lines of houses together on-stage. “Barco was the main gear needed to make the whole concept work,” commented Stefan Beese of RE:BE Design. Four FLM HD20 large event projectors combined to create an edge-blended projection mapping of the upstage wall, showcasing images of the NOLA skyline, Preservation Hall jazz performances, collections of MIR images and videos, as well as graphic content to create a dynamic backdrop for the gala stage. 

Renderings: Design by Stefan Beese (c) Copyright 2012
Photos: Stefan Beese

About this project

Date 21 June 2012
Location New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Partner RE:BE Design

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