Continuum Health Partners

Barco supplied more than 350 new medical display systems to equip Continuum Health Partners’ largest New York City hospitals, St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center and Beth Israel Medical Center, with the latest PACS image viewing technology.

Their singular focus was to create an enterprise-scale PACS system that would facilitate the delivery of high quality patient care. The result: a single medical imaging platform – with Barco displays integrated into every diagnostic and clinical workstation – that would streamline workflow and improve the productivity of more than 10,000 physicians. A wide range of diagnostic, mammography and clinical review displays are now deployed throughout the hospital, elevating the quality of medical image presentation across the enterprise. 

“We’ve been well-acquainted with Barco’s products since the early 2000s, so when it came time for an enterprise-wide upgrade to next-generation display technology, they were the logical choice because of their superior, reliable performance and outstanding image quality,” commented Tarek El-Shayal, PACS Manager for Continuum Health Partners. “We replaced every medical display with a Barco model, making a conscious decision to install Barco’s MDRC series monitors in our clinical workstations to ensure consistently matched images throughout our hospital network.” More than 100 displays are deployed in Radiology, with the remaining in Emergency, ICU and various departments, as well as the hospital’s Stroke Center. 

In addition to the MDRC-2120 monitors, Continuum deployed hundreds of Coronis Fusion 6MP DLs, 3MP and 5MP displays for breast imaging, and Barco’s MediCal QAWeb, an automated, online quality assurance and calibration service that keeps all displays on the network running at high performance with optimum efficiency.

About this project

Date 06 December 2012
Location New York, New York, United States
Press release

27 November 2012

Continuum Health Partners completes system-wide technology refresh of PACS imaging displays


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