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Barco is supplying its latest 3D digital mammography and diagnostic display systems, in addition to QA and calibration service, to the Einstein Healthcare Network (EHN) to boost medical imaging capabilities for viewing PACS images on its Fujifilm Synapse PACS system.

EHN looked to Barco when deciding to upgrade the diagnostic displays for its Pennsylvania medical centers after experiencing positive results with Barco’s Coronis 5MP Mammo mammography display. After extensive research, EHN procured Barco’s Coronis Fusion 4MP DL color widescreen displays and cutting-edge Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP displays to enhance the brightness and image quality of digital patient exams.

“We’ve had quite a few different monitors on our network, and the Barco displays are flawless! Our radiologists have expressed a clear preference for them because of the improved brightness and image clarity. However, the biggest benefit is the ability to do two types of exams in the same place,” commented Terence Matalon, MD, Chairman, Department of Radiology for Einstein Healthcare Network. “Overall, the Barco monitor is a very well-conceived piece of equipment that works extremely well with our Fujifilm PACS system. The integration was seamless and the centralized monitoring capabilities are superior.”

About this project

Date 29 November 2012
Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Press release

29 November 2012

Einstein Healthcare Network selects Barco healthcare displays and QA service to enhance diagnostic imaging


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