Zodiacs première, Beijing National Stadium

Jackie Chan and Barco break records – and other things – in Beijing

Those who attended the première of the Hong Kong action movie Chinese 12 Zodiacs, 12 December last, will not forget the event in a hurry. Shown on the world’s largest screen – 600m² –, the audience was treated to an exceptional movie experience. Responsible for this were director and movie star Jackie Chan, who was awarded the Guinness World Record for holding the most credits and for the most stunts by a living actor, and Barco’s DP2K-32B, the world’s brightest projector.

Perfectly aligned with the 38 by 16 m screen, the DP2K-32B’s premium image quality helped bring to life the movie’s many thrilling action scenes, creating an immersive experience. In the past, Barco’s flagship projector has enhanced the premières of many Chinese blockbusters, including Let the Bullets Fly (2010), Aftershock (2010) and, most recently, Back to 1942 (2012).

About this project

Date 12 December 2012
Location Beijing, China

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