Screen & Sound Festival

Let’s see the music!

Visualize the work of distinguished Polish composers: that is the unique format of the Screen & Sound Festival - Let's See The Music, which took place in Cracow, Poland, in March 2013. The first edition of this remarkable international competition was a great success.

For the final Gala at the Kijów cinema, Barco partner Visualsupport smartly combined hi-tech, animation, dance and live symphonic music to create an astounding show. Barco’s top-of-line DP2K-32B digital cinema projector, installed at the Cracow cinema, brought the images to life on the big cinema screen.

Thanks to its record light output, the DP2K-32B illuminates screens of up to 32m (105ft) wide with unmatched image brightness, vibrant colors and exceptionally rich contrast levels. “The Barco quality was just perfect for our show. It helped us perfectly prove how music can really be visualized,” said Magdalena Groblicka, director of sales and marketing at Visualsupport.

Watch the result.


About this project

Date 10 April 2013
Location Cracow, Poland
Partner Visualsupport

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