SKODA projection mapping

Poland discovers projection 3D mapping on a mural

Barco partner Pro4Media in Poland has tried out a brand-new way of advertising for car manufacturer SKODA: projection mapping on a mural.

Building on the high brightness of the Barco HDQ-2K40 and HDF-W26 projectors in its rental stack, Pro4Media succeeded in rendering impressively high-quality images in the cities of Warsaw and Poznań. “It was a very challenging project,” recalled Marek Wasilewski, owner of Pro4Media. "The murals had to be painted at the same time as the video team created the content, to ensure the highest precision. After all, the projection of text and images had to perfectly fit on and around the fixed image of the car. Moving even one centimeter could have had an impact on the final effect."

Skoda, the innovative thinking client, graded the campaign result as marvelous. The city center walls, which are usually decorated with a picture painted by an artist, were suddenly covered with a blaze of colors and started to move – a next step in advertising.

Watch the video.

About this project

Date 07 May 2013
Location Warsaw - Poznań, Poland

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