Fortis Hospital

Barco LiveDots’ outdoor LED display grabs passers-by’s attention

With a network that spans more than 11 countries, 76 hospitals, 600 primary centers, 191 daycare centers and 230 diagnostic centers, Fortis is undoubtedly one of the leading integrated healthcare providers in the pan Asia-Pacific region. Recently, the hospital called upon Barco LiveDots to adorn its famous Clock Tower in Gurgaon with two large outdoor LED displays, grabbing the attention of all who pass.

As a leading provider of outdoor display technology, Barco LiveDots was a logical choice for Fortis. The company installed two high-brightness TF-20 walls (20 mm pitch) of 4.8 by 4.8 meters on the hospital’s iconic tower - the first LED display on hospital premises in India. Ensuring considerably less power consumption, a lighter weight than similar products and 8° tilted LEDs, Barco’s TF LED displays are a perfect, eco-friendly and highly visible fit for digital signage.

Being one of the most visible buildings in the city, the LED-lit tower provides an excellent branding opportunity for Fortis. It grabs the attention of drivers passing on the main road, as well as of commuters catching the metro in one of the busiest stations in the city center. Besides a perfect medium for advertising, the LED display is also a great way for Fortis to share information. Fortis couldn’t imagine a brighter, eco-friendlier solution to get its messages across.

About this project

Date 06 June 2013
Location Gurgaon, India

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