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“Our projects develop in step with the Barco projectors”

For over 20 years now, the Rennes-based Spectaculaires company has been astonishing audiences throughout France and abroad with highly creative light and sound spectacles. In 2006, the team, which calls itself ‘Allumeurs d’Images’ (images illuminators), started using video projections in its shows. Barco’s powerful, reliable projectors soon proved to be the best choice to ensure a superb performance, and that still hold true today.

In the spring and summer of 2013, Spectaculaires astonished spectators in France and even Brazil with dazzling new shows. One of the highlights is an amazing 360° projection mapping at the Palais des Papes, in the heart of Avignon, which tells the history of ‘The Popes’ Palace’.

“We definitely have a very privileged relationship with Barco,” says Claire Pathiaux, communications manager. Her colleague Pierre Le Quéau, video engineering agrees: “Indeed, our projection-mapping shows have developed over the years, in line with the capacity of the Barco projectors. The more luminance and the higher the definition, the better our projection mapping. Today, we are mainly using Barco’s new HDF-W22/W26 and FLM-R22+ projectors. In Avignon, for example, we’re using 13 HDF-W26 projectors.”

Besides the brightness and resolution, Spectaculaires is impressed by the preview mode and the remote control features which come with the new projectors. “These have really changed our lives, by saving us huge amounts of time. The new projectors are absolutely great,” Pierre Le Quéau concludes.

Copyright pictures: Eva Magnusson Spectaculaires, Jean-Marc Charles Spectaculaires

About this project

Date 13 August 2013
Location several locations, France
Partner Spectaculaires

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