Tate Museum

“Barco’s 40K projectors really flexed their muscles”

To precede the arrival of world leaders for the G8 Summit in Belfast in June 2013, The One Campaign organized ‘agit8’ – a digital music campaign anchored by a live event held at the Tate Modern on London’s Southbank. The three-day event, which featured music stars and well known actors, aimed to inspire a new generation of activists to get involved in the fight to end extreme poverty.

For the concert on a riverside stage adjacent to the Tate, XL Video supplied a LED screen made up of 72 Barco LiveDots’ NX6 LED tiles, together with a Catalyst media server to handle the content.

For the projection onto the Tate Museum, XL Video decided to use eight of Barco’s HDQ-2K40 projectors. The 40K lumen, high-brightness projectors did a great job ensuring crisp, clear images, even at sunset. The building was divided into three sections – two front walls and the mid tower section - each fed by a pair of the HDQ-2K40 units. The final pair of projectors was used to shine the ‘ONE’ logo onto the top of the tower as a beacon across the London skyline.

“This was a challenging project for us, contending with limited access for trucking-in, minimal line-up time and getting the projectors placed correctly for the tower,” said XL Video’s Project Manager Paul McCauley. “The Barco 40K projectors – the highest brightness rental units available - really flexed their muscles, so to speak. The brightness and resulting image quality was excellent despite the brown brick projection surface.”

Copyright pictures: Scott Davies

About this project

Date 12 September 2013
Location London, United Kingdom
Partner XL Video

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