Royal Films

Barco and Bardan have teamed up to deliver an elevated cinema experience for Colombia’s growing moviegoing population, outfitting 133 screens with DLP Cinema® projectors for Royal Films, a leading theater circuit in the country. “With Bardan’s endorsement of the support and technology offered by Barco we are confident they are the best choice for our success in digitalization,” stated Habib Osman, CEO of Royal Films.

Barco has been working closely with Bardan to deliver the full continuum of customer support, from site planning to projector selection, sales and installation, to comprehensive technical assistance. “It has been our great pleasure to serve Royal Films throughout their decades of growth. Given the commitment to quality and service that we have seen from Barco over the years, we know they will prove to be the most reliable solution for our valued customer,” comments Vilma Benitez, CEO of Bardan Cinema.

About this project

Date 21 October 2013
Location Various cities throughout Colombia, Colombia
Press release

21 October 2013

Royal Films selects Barco and Bardan to complete digital cinema deployments throughout Colombia


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