Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

Barco and projectiondesign projectors facilitate virtual art

The Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art was first organized in 2003 as part of a federal program to promote Russian culture. By its fifth edition, the event has become an internationally renowned art happening. Supported by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Culture and the Moscow Government, the fifth Biennale featured work by 72 artists from 40 countries, many of whom were exhibiting in Russia for the first time.

The Biennale increasingly features video and other digital art installations. For the 2013 edition, Barco’s state-of-the-art digital projectors were used to evoke the artists’ simulated worlds. As Official Technical Partner to the Moscow Biennale, Barco delivered over 30 projectors, ranging from the ultra-silent, high brightness RLM-series to the F32, F35, F82 and F85 series of projectiondesign projectors.

Catherine de Zegher, curator of the main project ‘Bolshe Sveta/More Light’, commented: “The very best visualization technology is required to make the work of all the artists we carefully selected, come alive. Barco’s projection technology is a perfect match.” 

Watch the video for a taste of the atmosphere at the renowned art exhibition.

About this project

Date 25 October 2013
Location Moscow, Russian Federation
Press release

19 September 2013

Barco is Official Technical Partner of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art


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