16th Festival of Slovenian Film

Outstanding digital film quality with Barco projectors

During its 16th edition, the Festival of Slovenian Film screened an impressive total of 136 films, 42 of which were selected for competition. The festival offers Slovenian filmmakers a platform to present their feature films, short films, documentaries and animated films to national and international film industry professionals and the general public.

As last year, Barco and its local business partner AVC group were technical sponsors for the event. Both the Amphitheatre in Portorož Auditorium - which accommodates 1,800 spectators – and the indoor hall in the venue were equipped with Barco’s ultra-bright digital cinema projector DP2K-32B.

Igor Prassel, Director of the 16th Festival of Slovenian Film, commented: "I cannot wish for a better festival atmosphere. The largest cinema in Slovenia - featuring the country’s largest screen of 16x9 meters - with its outstanding projection made possible by the most modern and reliable digital cinema projector, is attracting a large audience that is enthused about Slovenian films!”

About this project

Date 06 November 2013
Location Portorož, Slovenia
Partner AVC Group

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