Moment Factory boosts collaboration with ClickShare

As a new media and entertainment studio specializing in concept-to-production multimedia experiences for events and installations, Moment Factory knows that collaboration is essential to the creative process. According to company partner and CIO Dominic Audet, ClickShare has resulted in an amazing and measurable improvement in their work environment since they started using it. “The collaborative ‘button’ feature makes it so easy and seamless for everyone to share their inspirations and references within a second – no interruptions, no delays – and it never fails to work on every platform!”

Before implementing ClickShare, Moment Factory’s conference room was buried in cables, switchers and other accessories typically requiring assistance from IT staff to establish connections and launch content on screen. Now, meeting participants can quickly and easily sign on to ClickShare and immediately share the screen to present content from various sources for brainstorming sessions. The creative team can simultaneously display a pdf document, a social media site, an image gallery or YouTube video, and more on the main display to fuel a productive creative discussion. Often, the enhanced interaction and visualization leads to better solutions, faster.

Saving time, working more efficiently, increasing productivity are typical benefits most ClickShare users experience. However, the ability to instantly illustrate one’s thoughts and drive innovation is a value-added bonus in the entertainment world, and ClickShare makes it happen.

About this project

Date 18 November 2013
Location Montreal, Canada

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