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Perfecting the score: AM Studios incorporates Auro 11.1 sound

“Music is spiritual,” award-winning Indian composer A. R. Rahman once said during an interview. Anyone who enters the artist’s Panchathan Record Inn and AM Studios near his home in Chennai will immediately hear what he means. Driven by a desire to bring audiences around the world together, Rahman and his team strive for nothing less than auditory perfection. The studio crew recently installed the certifi ed Auro-3D® studio system to bring its 3D sound  mixing capabilities to the next level.

“Before we switched to Auro 11.1, we used the DTS 5.1 and Dolby sound formats to establish an immersive  experience,” explains Shiva Kumar, chief sound engineer at AM Studios. “But when Barco contacted us to present their Auro 11.1 audio platform, we wanted to see how it could help us to further awe audiences around  the world.” It only took a few demos to convince the critical sound engineers of Auro 11.1’s capabilities. “From the get-go, we were impressed by the natural and authentic quality of the sound. We immediately saw new opportunities to draw people into the story.”

About this project

Date 11 December 2013
Location Chennai, India
Press release

19 June 2013

Major post production facility, AM Studios chooses Auro 11.1 by Barco on account of unique 3D sound experience


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