Kujyukuri Hospital, Sanbugun Chiba Prefecture (Japan)

Crisp images for lifesaving treatments


With a total capacity of 199 beds, the Kujyukuri hospital offers a broad range of disciplines, including  neurology, orthopedics, surgery, oncology, anesthesiology, and many more. To support this multidisciplinary approach, system integrator ICM Japan and Korean developer Health Care Solutions Co., Ltd., recommended Barco's MDRC-2120 clinical displays. The result? Smoother workflows and improved patient care.  


"After witnessing the displays firsthand during a live demo, we were convinced they were the appropriate product to complement our new PACS solution."  Saids Dr. Terakado, Kujyukuri Hospital 


"We believe that our performance level has significantly improved since we integrated this new solution into our hospital."  Saids Dr. Terakado, Kujyukuri Hospital

About this project

Date 02 December 2013
Location Chiba, Japan
Partner ICM Japan

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