Hyundai Department Store, Apgujeong Korea

Hyundai Department Store in Apgujeong (South Korea) celebrates in style

Located in Apgujeong, the fashion mecca of Seoul (South Korea), the flagship Hyundai Department Store celebrated last Christmas with style. Building on the trademark image quality of Barco’s HDQ-2K40 projectors, South Korean rental partner Good Media developed a memorable projection mapping installation.

Exquisite brands and supreme customer service: these are the founding principles of Hyundai Department Store. They also reflect what shoppers expect of their shopping experience at the franchise’s main store in Seoul. Accustomed to nothing but the very best, Hyundai Department Store wanted to bring its customers an equally warm and eye-catching Christmas message.

Aiming for the stars

Good Media took projection mapping to a whole new level, as it turned the monumental façade of the Apgujeong department store into a lively tableau, featuring lovely images of snowmen, gifts, candy and stars.

Having had excellent experiences with Barco solutions in the past, Good Media relied on the sheer power of 4 award-winning Barco HDQ-2K40 projectors. The world’s brightest projector lived up to its reputation, delivering razor-sharp, 40,000 lumen-images. As a result, shoppers were welcomed with a heart-warming display, matching the grandeur and exclusivity of the department store.

About this project

Date 26 January 2014
Location Seoul, Korea Republic of
Partner Good Media

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