Hyundai Department Store, COEX (Trade Tower), Korea

Barco’s FLM-HD20 projector meets towering expectations in South Korea

Turning the 10-story COEX (Trade Tower) branch of Hyundai Department Store into a visual Christmas spectacle: Barco’s South Korean partner Good Media pulled off the job with an impressive piece of projection mapping. The star of the show? Barco’s FLM-HD20 projector.

Hyundai Department Store has no fewer than 11 exclusive department stores dotted all over the South Korean peninsula. Located in Teheran Street, Seoul’s main financial district, the COEX branch – more commonly referred to as the Trade Tower branch – is a ten-story shopping paradise with exclusive brands and products.

Crystal-clear Christmas wishes

From 15 November 2013 until 1 January 2014 last, Hyundai Department Store used the enormous façade of its Trade Tower branch to project on it a combination of atmospheric images and season’s greetings. Barco’s South Korean rental partner Good Media used eight of Barco’s FLM-HD20 projectors to do the job. And the result truly was astonishing. The ultra-bright, full HD projectors delivered clear, crisp images, filling the building’s walls end-to-end with a mesmerizing play of colors and shapes.


About this project

Date 26 January 2014
Location Seoul, Korea Republic of
Partner Good Media

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