A15 project

‘The Rotterdam’ hosts Europe’s largest video mapping project to date

What do you think of on hearing the phrase ‘sustainable motorways’. A contradiction in terms? Well no, it isn’t! Governments around the world are doing their best to move towards sustainable mobility. In the Netherlands, for example, the Natuur and Milieu organization is collaborating with the Ministry of the Environment to transform the A15 motorway - the main traffic artery linking the port of Rotterdam to the east of the country - into the world’s most sustainable highway. Solar panels and wind turbines on and around the A15 will generate the power for shared electric cars.

Ambitious in every respect
To kick off this ambitious project, the organizers had an equally lofty plan: create the largest video mapping project ever displayed in Europe. They have succeeded in their plan. By order of advertising agency Raúl&Rigel, Barco partner BeamSystems converted the façade of the recently opened The Rotterdam skyscraper, on the shores of the river Maas in Rotterdam, into a giant projection screen.

Designed by the famous architect Rem Koolhaas, The Rotterdam is one of Europe’s largest buildings. As it is 149 meters high, no fewer than 16 of Barco’s HDQ 40,000 lumen projectors were needed to bring the story of the A15 to life.

About this project

Date 12 March 2014
Location Rotterdam, Netherlands
Partner BeamSystems

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