Cinemark prides itself on being at the cutting-edge of movie exhibition as one of the world’s largest theater chains and a pioneer in implementing the latest digital cinema technologies. With the purchase of Barco’s new 6P laser-illuminated projector, the exhibitor is taking a giant step toward offering audiences an even more immersive entertainment experience.

“Barco’s keen approach to innovation is why we have partnered with them in our quest to deliver the most exciting cinema moments to our patrons all over the world,” comments Damian Wardle, Senior Vice President of Global Theatres Technology & Presentation at Cinemark.

The laser projector is the first of its type capable of showing 4K content at 60 fps and 3D movies in 4K resolution at a stunning 60,000 lumens brightness. What’s especially unique about Barco’s laser projector is that it is a completely integrated design, i.e., all lasers are housed within the projector itself (as opposed to having lasers outside of the projector and “piped in”), which increases the optical efficiency and performance of the system. It is also notable for its ability to minimize speckle – even on a silver screen – eliminating the need for a mechanical screen-vibrating system to achieve the desired image quality.



About this project

Date 31 March 2014
Location Plano, Texas, United States
Press release

24 March 2014

Cinemark first to install Barco’s laser projector in North America and raise the bar on image quality


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