Civic Platform Convention

The perfect backdrop for Poland’s political leaders 

Every year, Poland’s ruling, center-right Civic Platform convenes all its members and sympathizers for a party convention. With the European elections ahead, the 2014 convention was a crucial one. During a full-day event in Warsaw, the party presented its strategy and vision, as well as its candidates for the European Parliament. Amongst the many important guests was Ukraine opposition leader Vitali Klitschko, a front-runner to the presidential chair in Ukraine.

Barco partner Pro4Media took care of the visual setting for this event. To project sharp images in crisp detail onto the enormous, 30-meter backdrop, the multimedia expert picked the most powerful machines from its large stack of Barco equipment. The RLM-W8 and HDQ-2K40 projectors emitted a total power of over 100,000 lumens, thus ensuring impressive pictures and videos to reinforce the speeches.

About this project

Date 11 April 2014
Location Warsaw, Poland

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