Staying on top of security at the metropolis of Medellín

In Medellín, Colombia’s second-largest city, the rate of violence has fallen dramatically over the past few years. Medellín’s Integral System for Emergencies and Metropolitan Security (SIES-M) is one of the keys to that success. Elaborated and managed by the Company for Urban Safety (ESU), SIES-M bundles agreements,
systems and technology to let everyone involved in public safety, mobility and emergency services work fl awlessly together. The recently refurbished ESU command center, at the heart of Medellín, is the nerve center of the city’s security services. In the control and crisis rooms, Barco’s networked visualization solutions help operators gain a clear view on the metropolis to pinpoint incidents and take prompt decisions.

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About this project

Date 11 July 2014
Location Medellín, Colombia
Partner Union Eléctrica SA

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