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Visualization that feels like a million

Now that organizations and people increasingly depend on technology infrastructure, companies like the UK-based Capita IT Services have become indispensable. As one of the largest IT services providers in the UK, Capita IT enhances the lives of millions through thought-out IT, communication and administration services. To keep a clear overview of its many operations, the group has adorned its network operation center in Pune, India, with a brand-new Barco LED video wall.

“When we built our network operation center in Pune, the expectations were very high,” explains Dennis Thomas, head of infrastructure services at Capita IT Services. “Considering that our services — IT infrastructure, power logistics and communications — impact millions of people around the world, that’s completely understandable. Our aims were consolidating our activities and getting a clear overview of what’s going on in our network, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

To live up to these expectations, Thomas started looking for a best-in-class, reliable visualization system. Early in his quest, he came across Barco: “Before bundling our monitoring service in the operations center, we didn’t have any visualization solution. So when I heard about Barco’s rich experience in the industry and the excellent reputation of their products, they quickly became one of my favorite options. When I experienced the pro-activeness of their sales team and heard about their good after-sales support, any hesitation left was washed away.” 

About this project

Date 23 July 2014
Location Pune, India

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