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The best visualization solutions to bring ‘art’ to life

There’s no place in Finland where ‘arts’ is more alive than at the ‘University of Arts, Helsinki’. Established from the 2013 merger between the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy and Theater Academy Helsinki, the University offers study programs ranging from dance bachelor, acting, directing, lighting and sound design through to music technology. In addition, it organizes approximately 400 concerts, 200 theatre and dance performances, and nearly 50 student exhibitions annually.

Broad portfolio, high-quality solutions
With study programs as diverse as fine arts, music and performing arts, all three schools of the University have different AV equipment needs. Soon after the merger, however, they realized it would be efficient to own similar equipment. An in-depth study proved that Barco’s broad product portfolio had everything they needed. Today, the University of Arts, Helsinki owns seven 6,000 lumen RLM-W6 projectors, one 8,000 lumen RLM-W8 projector, and four single-chip PFWU-51B projectors. “Barco is a well-known brand in the projector world and our test showed that we got the most suitable color reproduction with RLM projectors compared to other models,” said Jyrki Oksaharju, AV Manager at the Theater Academy. “The RLMs are the ideal choice for the University because of their excellent image quality and because Sibelius Academy already had them. We received nothing but good feedback,” said Petteri Partinen, sales manager for Barco partner msonic.

Central projector management
Moreover, the University fell for the benefits of using Barco’s Projector Toolset. This free, user-friendly software package helps the University of Fine Arts manage all their Barco projectors easily and quickly from one central location. Compatible with all Barco large venue and business projector series, the Toolset includes various tools for brightness settings, diagnostics, image adjustment, picture-in-picture and image control, making it an indispensable tool for efficient visualization management. So that both students and visitors can enjoy their ‘arts’ in the best possible viewing conditions.

About this project

Date 04 August 2014
Location Helsinki, Finland
Partner msonic

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