Wall-to-wall emergency coverage in South Korea

As South Korea’s biggest radio and television network, Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) has been selected by the Korean government to provide emergency situation broadcasting. For this purpose, an innovative news studio concept was built using Barco OverView OVL-715 video wall in a 3x2 configuration.

Since its founding in 1927, KBS has taken the lead in the development of broadcasting in South Korea. The public service broadcaster is responsible for some key technological turning points, such as the first radio and first television broadcast. In 2001, KBS was the first network to broadcast HD programs.

Clear and reliable overview

In 2014, KBS can add another milestone to that list with its EOC News studio; a studio facility dedicated to emergency situation broadcasting. In case of a typhoon, flood, earthquake or other disaster, this studio will be used to provide the population with minute-to-minute updates of crisis situations.

Naturally, this type of broadcasting requires a system that is extremely reliable. In addition, to compensate for the often low video quality of video sources, the image quality requirements of the system are extremely high. Both factors were decisive for KBS in choosing Barco’s Overview OVL-715 3x2 video wall, with its high redundancy levels, worry-free operation and impeccable, crisp, clear images.

About this project

Date 01 September 2014
Location Seoul, Korea Republic of

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