360 New Year Eve spectacle in Shanghai

On 31 December 2013, the clock tower in the center of the Meichuan shopping plaza in Shanghai was the canvas for a unique 3D-projection mapping. Barco pulled off this piece of hi-tech bravado together with its local integration partner Shanghai LEFEDV Showtech Co.

The 100m-tall clock tower in the Meichuan shopping plaza was turned into a lively 3D extravaganza, the first-ever outdoor projection mapping in China to cover all four sides of one building in a seamless display.

A total of twenty Barco FLM-HD20, projectors were set up on the rooftops and terraces of surrounding buildings. Advanced image processing, including image blending, rendering and correction, helped mix the individual signals into one impressive 360°-display.

The 3D spectacle brought the characteristic architecture of the building to life in a subtle interplay of colors, animations and music. The audience was particularly awed by the interactive nature of the projections, as images and colors changed in response to their shouts.

“Thanks to the crystal-clear image performance and blending of Barco’s projectors, we achieved what we set out to do: we gave the audience a truly extraordinary 3D-show to usher in the New Year.” 

Mrs He Jianhui, deputy director of Shanghai LEFEDV Showtech Co.

<Barco solutions>
• 20 x Barco FLM-HD20
• Project design, execution and on-site support

• High performance under challenging conditions
• Advanced image processing
• Seamless 360° image blending

Shanghai LEFEDV Showtech Co.

About this project

Date 28 February 2014
Location Shanghai, China
Partner Shanghai LEFEDV Showtech Co.

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