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Kinepolis Group “The laser experience is truly amazing; ... Read more

- Belgium

Michael Bay, Movie Director “I’ve worked with Barco for 15 years, ... Read more

- United States

Cinepolis Building on its long-term relationship with ... Read more

- Mexico

Miramar Cinemas, Taipei Taiwan Established in 2004, Miramar Cinemas has made a ... Read more

- Taiwan

UVK Multicines “Thanks to a very competitive package ... Read more

- Peru

Kinoforum Preview Theater, Kirgizstan Understanding technology needs Kinoforum's ... Read more

- Kyrgyzstan

Cineplanet Barco and Bardan deployed a variety of ... Read more

- Peru

Cine Lúmine Digital cinema: the start of a new era for ... Read more

- Brazil

Auro 11.1 by Barco stars in double feature EVM Group embraces immersive sound format With ... Read more

- India

Bandwidth Digital Releasing, Inc. As reported in the Daily News and The Hollywood ... Read more

- Canada

Ham Yard Hotel Barco’s 4K cinema projector adds to ... Read more

- United Kingdom

Atlas Biograferne Creating a cinema experience beyond the ordinary ... Read more

- Denmark

ONSIGHT Renowned London post-production house goes 4K ... Read more

- United Kingdom

‘DoubleTree by Hilton’ hotel Meeting strict design and construction standards ... Read more

- Poland

Whistling Woods International Institute for Film, Television & Media ... Students and staff all ears for Auro 11.1 by ... Read more

- India

Kuwait National Cinema Company (Cinescape) Trendsetter relying on the biggest, brightest ... Read more

- Kuwait

Cinemark “Barco’s keen approach to innovation ... Read more

- United States

Santikos Theatres Always at the forefront of movie exhibition ... Read more

- United States

AM Studios Perfecting the score: AM Studios incorporates ... Read more

- India

Nu Metro Cinemas 111 DC projectors and Auro 11.1: Nu Metro is ... Read more

- South Africa

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