During the big show audiences are embraced by ultimate image quality and immersive sound on all sides, delivering a superior level of movie realism. This compelling universe is created in your movie theater by Barco’s lamp and laser cinema projectors and Auro 11.1 immersive cinema sound.

Movie experience

Laser projection: unprecedented image quality

Only Barco provides the industry’s most complete range of DCI-certified laser-illuminated digital cinema projectors. Barco's full fleet of laser projectors brings
the premium image quality provided by laser projection to every cinema screen – from small screens to Premium Large Format (PLF) screens.The projectors deliver exceptional image quality, with outstanding 3D brightness and superior color performance, while simplifying operations and reducing operating expenses.

Barco Alchemy: integrated digital cinema projectors

Named ‘Barco Alchemy’, Barco's new generation of integrated and future-proof projectors combines media server functionalities with Series 3 cinema processing electronics into a single projector module with on-board storage to bring more simplicity and reliability in the projection booth. Breaking the boundaries of cinema processing and taking a technological leap forward, Barco is once again delivering future-proof modularity at unparalleled levels while offering a low total cost of ownership. The powerful 4K Barco Alchemy projectors are the first to show 4K movies at 60 frames per second and 4K 3D content on a single projector.

Immersive sound

Via a unique three-layer approach, the Auro 11.1 by Barco cinema sound technology creates the most immersive motion picture experience, enveloping audiences with truly realistic sound. With the evolution of an open format for immersive sound, Barco has introduced AuroMax®, a system that incorporates the best characteristics of ‘object-based’ technology into the most realistic immersive experience offered by the Auro format.

Barco Escape: panoramic movie format 

By adding extra screens on both sides of the big screen, Barco Escape challenges the single-screen standard to provide a bigger, more intense and encompassing canvas. It extends current boundaries and opens up a world of new possibilities to restore audiences’ excitement for cinema. The Barco Escape multi-screen movie format makes the movie experience fully immersive and enables studios to bring their movies to life on a grander scale.

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