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Eurovision Song Contest 2013 – the unequalled Barco performance

No fewer than 130 million people around the globe watched the Eurovision Song Contest, the world’s biggest music competition, on 19 May last. Denmark came out the winner. Yet Barco, too, looks back with pride and pleasure. Eurovision 2013 was an all-Barco show powered by a total of 60 Barco projectors – including 28 high-brightness HDQ-2K40s - and three Encore systems. Our technical team broke all the rules of projection to achieve stunning results.

Eurovision 2013: how did we do (it)?

No LED, just projection. Why? What was the biggest challenge? And how did we achieve these great results? Hear it from our team. And listen how the technical director and the crowds loved the result.

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Everyone was in awe

It was an absolute delight to work with the new shining star of the industry. The HDQs performed flawlessly.

Niclas Ljung,
Manager Technology, MediaTec Solutions

Every single country has been just in awe of what we did on stage.

Ola Melzig
Technical Director ESC 2013

The HDQ-2K40 is changing the idea of how bright projection can be in a show situation.

Mikki Kunttu,
Video designer

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