How does 3D projection work?

This educational page offers more information on 3D in general, on 3D projection and on the compatibility of the Barco's business projectors and large venue projectors with 3D projection. The movie below shows how 3D projection works and explains how the illusion of depth is created in a digital image. It also demonstrates how 3D images can be generated on a projected image and clarifies terms such as ‘active’, ‘passive’ and ‘polarized 3D’.

Watch the movie to learn more about 3D projection technology

Which 3D option is available on which Barco projector?

The table below shows which 3D options are available on the different projector models.

  Active 3D   Active Infitec Passive Infitec  Passive polarized 
CLM-HD6   -  -   -   Optional
RLM-W6   -                   -  -  Optional
RLM-W8   -  -  -  Optional
RLM-W12   Standard  -   -  Optional
HDX-W12   Optional  -  Optional   Optional
HDX-W14   Optional  -  Optional  Optional
HDX-W18   Optional  -  Optional  Optional
HDF-W22   Optional  -  Optional       Optional
HDF-W26   Optional  -  Optional  Optional
HDQ-2K40   Optional  -  Optional  Optional
Galaxy NW-12  Standard  Optional   Optional   Optional
Galaxy NW-7  Standard  Optional   Optional   Optional 
Galaxy 4K-12   Standard   Optional   Optional   Optional 
Galaxy 4K-23   Standard   Optional   Optional   Optional 
Galaxy 4K-32   Standard   Optional   Optional   Optional 

The passive 3D setups always have two projectors stacked, one for each eye. For the RLM projectors a Barco stacking frame is required to hold the polarization filters (also available from Barco). On the other rental projectors, a custom-made frame is required. Active 3D on the RLM-W12 projector is standard on the dual Link DVI (100/120Hz – 1,920 x 1,080 or 1,920 x 1,200); using a PC including Nvidia Quadro graphics card. To enable active 3D on the HDX, HDF and HDQ projectors, you need to install the Barco 3D input module. Our passive Infitec kit for the HDX, HDF and HDQ projectors contains two pairs of eyewear, extra eyewear can be rented or purchased at Infitec. Circular polarized eyewear can be purchased in various models and qualities online.