ClickShare Webinar

Connect with effective collaboration: webinar #1

Like many professionals, you probably spend a lot of time in business meetings. In the US alone, there are about 3 billion meetings per year. In a recent study, however, a staggering 71% of participants said they felt that these meetings are unproductive. Imagine what this means for an organization in terms of wasted resources.

At Barco, we believe that technology is the key to better and more productive meetings: from monologue to dialogue, and from presentation to collaboration. But where should you start? What tools should you consider? And how can you deploy them for maximum benefit?

Over the coming months, we invite you to join us for a series of insightful webinars that will shed light on the ins and outs of effective collaboration. Our first date? 2 September. What can you expect? In the course of two practical ten-minute presentations, Global Marketing Manager Collaboration at Barco Lieven Bertier and VP Strategic Marketing at Barco Romeo Baertsoen will tackle the following subjects:

  • Practical tips and demonstration of the ClickShare Management Suite: a brand-new, web-based tool that allows you to remotely organize and manage your fleet of wireless ClickShare systems throughout the entire organization.
  • Results and conclusions of the IT-managers’ survey on the use of collaboration technology within the enterprise.

Thereafter, our experts will gladly answer your every question in a ten-minute Q&A.

Don't hesitate and make sure to tune in on 2 September, at 4pm CET. We look forward to connecting with you!


Lieven Bertier

Lieven has spent most of his 15+ years career in marketing in technical environments, taking up different technical-commercial and marketing communications roles. Since beginning of 2014 he is responsible for all of Barco’s product marketing activities and product management in the field of Collaboration. He strongly advocates design and usability in product development, and is convinced that technology can help collaboration a major competitive asset for businesses.

Romeo Baertsoen

Romeo has been active at Barco since 2005, first as Back Office Manager, then as Supply Chain Director, Director Business Operations, Director Strategic Projects and finally, these days, as VP Strategic Marketing, Corporate AV. As a result of his substantial experience, Romeo has a 360 view of the ins and outs of a large organization. Needless to say, his insights are greatly valued at Barco and beyond and have, time and again, proven to raise business to a higher level.