27th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Endoscopic Surgery


The main theme for this meeting is to improve the Quality of Endoscopic Surgery, overcome operational restrictions, and exploit the benefits of a magnified view.

This meeting has the following aims: One is to standardise endoscopic techniques with a high level of difficulty to enable many surgeons to perform endoscopic surgery at an adequate level. Another is to combine the outcomes of technical developments in various fields by discussing necessary training methods and devices to make surgery gentler for both the patients and the surgeons.

Barco will also join the meeting, and we look forward to meeting you there!


02 October 2014- 04 October 2014

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Surgical displays

Barco's surgical and endoscopy displays are ...

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Nexxis for OR

IP imaging and audio management platform

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Morioka Grand Hotel
1-10 Atagoshita Morioka City
020-8501 - Iwate


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