At a crossroads between Arabic tradition and avant-garde futurism, the seven-star Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi features 302 luxury rooms and 92 suites, equipped with “22nd century technology”. The hotel houses conference facilities where important clients stage international conferences and product launches, and its main auditorium accommodate up to 1,200 people. To make good on its claims to its guests, the Emirates Palace had to look for the right technology to convey the feeling that one had truly arrived in the 22nd century. At the same time, the hotel had to find a practical solution for the daunting task of maintaining dozens of projectors in all its VIP meeting rooms.

AV integrators contracted by the hotel chose Barco to provide a solution. For the Emirate Palace’s conference rooms, 30 network-centric iQ Pro projectors were installed. This compact, cost-effective projector features complete integration into the existing AV/IT-network, entailing automated start-up and shutdown for the entire projector fleet and remote tech support for the entire projector fleet. It also boasts a user-friendly Windows XP interface, and easy, wireless control with mouse and keyboard. The iQ Pro eliminates the need to buy, configure and maintain external workstations for each conference room, saving money, time and space, and its easy mouse and keyboard operation through Windows XP eliminate the need to buy expensive peripherals or learn exotic software protocols.

For the hotel’s lavish ballroom, that provides room for up to 2,800 people, the hotel was looking for projectors with powerful light outputs that could function optimally in a bright environment, either together, or separately, as the ballroom could be divided into three parts. For this, three of Barco’s high-brightness SLM R10 projectors were chosen. The 3-chip DLP SLM projectors have gained a reliable reputation for their stability, durability and light output of up to 10,000 ANSI lumens. What’s more, when the room is expanded to its full size, the projectors can together generate one seamless image, thanks to their flawless edge blending technology. Its small footprint allowed it to be installed inconspicuously, and integrated into the design of the room without extra costs, while its ability to provide one seamless image in multiples eliminates the need to invest in additional projectors or projection systems.