Just within half a century after the Church of God started to preach the gospel in Korea, it has attained over one million followers. Worldwide, the Church of God has established 120 branch Churches around the world. As innovators in the use of modern worship technology, the Church of God required top-level visualization.

In order to provide an impressive visual experience to its visitors, even across the full venue’s distance of seventy meters, the Church of God sought out Barco.

Barco’s three-chip DLP, 1080p HD XLM HD25 is one of the brightest projection systems ever made, with a dazzling 25,000 ANSI lumens light output, a native 16:9 aspect ratio and an extremely high pixel count. In Okcheon’s Training Institute, it powers an 11.5m wide screen. The XLM HD25 excels in luminosity, with a light output of 25,000 ANSI lumens designed to operate under strong light conditions. It features a fully sealed optical engine with liquid cooling, which not only results in reduced noise levels, but also prevents dust from entering its optical core, ultimately greatly extending its lifetime.

The Church of God also employs other Barco technology for its auxiliary screens. Two cost-effective, three-chip DLP RLM R6+ projectors that each project with a strength of 6,000 ANSI lumens project in a native 1400x1050 resolution, and feature the same plug-and-play architecture with picture-in-picture technology as their bigger cousin, the XLM.

For other auxiliary screens, two three-chip DLP SLM R12 projectors are used. The SLM R12 has long been the mainstay of worship venues all over the world. With its proven track record of reliability and longevity, it is one of the most cost-effective 12,000 ANSI lumens projectors in the world.

For the Church of God, their visualization systems have become the pounding heart of their venues. Barco’s high-brightness projectors ease the strain on the technical staff by having easily accessible, modular parts, while their sealed optical engine technology renders them virtually maintenance-free. With a lasting, bright image quality and ultra-high resolution, the Church of God has chosen for the future.