Barco projection technology helps spread the Gospel at the new Peterborough Community Church building

Giant Barco projection and contemporary music was the key to a powerful time meeting with God and celebrating the realizing of a dream at the newly opened Peterborough Community Church in September 2006.

A 12.5m wide and 5.2m high giant screen powered by two blended SLM R12 Barco 3chip DLP projectors is at the center stage of the 1800 seat auditorium. With smooth transitions from spectacular worship backgrounds carrying the Word, to inspiring videos that deepen the experience with God, the 24k lumens of light from the Barco projectors is awesome. Thanks to the wide screen blended image the congregation can clearly see the pastor during the sermon, can easily read the lyrics to songs, and also watch videos to enhance the impact of the spoken word.

A Barco Encore display controller provides source selection, advanced windowing, and seamless switching is easy to use and allows a wide range of effects augmenting the creative communication of the gospel.

“Given the size of the sanctuary and the level of ambient light, it was important to have a bright projection on the central stage”, explains Pete Charlton (Technical Director), “We chose Barco’s SLM projectors as they feature high resolution at a high light output and incorporate quality soft edge blending delivering seamless pictures with excellent color and brightness uniformity from corner to corner on the giant screen. As our video team is comprised of volunteers with varying levels of technical skills the ease of use of the Barco Encore controller was another important consideration.”

Servers, computers, advanced A/V equipment and theatrical lighting are all controlled form a state-of the art technical area. “The wide array of inputs on the Encore system allowed us to connect multiple video sources and the latest generation of digital video and data from computers” says Pete. “Video announcements about church events and activities can be displayed as picture in picture and testimonials can be delivered by way of video, grabbing the people’s attention like never before.”
“The church today is only the beginning” states Dr David Smith, senior pastor.” The Barco projection system proves to be a great asset to convey
our message with impact and will help us towards reaching our long term goal to be a church of 10,000+ affecting the nation and the nations.”